High Quality Early Learning & Child Care


Age Groups


We believe infants are angels and need constant hugs, smiles, attention and love! Tummy time is provided frequently throughout the day to build muscle development. Diaper changes are prompt and bottle, or baby food feeding on demand.

Our daily schedule reflects a consistent day where developmentally appropriate practice is our standard. We are dedicated to guiding the development of the whole child.


We understand their feeling of separation and need for socialization. We offer activities that provide sensory experiences along with social play. This is designed for the young child to have small group experiences engaging in age appropriate activities enhancing all areas of development.


We focus on language development, math and science and provide the opportunity to experience hands on activities ie: painting, water play and seasonal projects to name a few.

School age

We focus on free play along with group themed activities, puzzles, a daily movie and homework assistance.

Program Downloads

Download Our Lesson Plan & Activities (PDF)

Download our Daily Schedule (PDF)

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